IB PYP 5-Year Evaluation Visit

2020/21 saw our school community coming together to complete our 18-month self-study process for our IBPYP five-year evaluation. Teachers, parents and the board all shared their voice in reviewing the progress MYIS has made over the last five years and developing the direction we are moving towards for the next five years. The process was a valuable one that allowed us to celebrate our accomplishments and gain a clear understanding of what our next steps will look like. From May 26-28th, we hosted two visitors from the IB. The purpose of their visit was to evaluate our commitment to the Primary Years Programme. It involved them taking tours of the school campus, meeting with teachers, parents, students and board members, and observing our classes in action. We were excited to join us and embraced the challenge that the “virtual visit” provided. The evaluation process reminded us of the value that the IBPYP program adds to our school.

The report shows strengths as well as areas in need of development and should inform your strategic planning for the coming years until the next evaluation. Of particular note:

  • The governing body, administrative and pedagogical leadership, and staff demonstrate understanding of the IB philosophy and are committed to the programme.
  • The school implements strategies to develop and promote international-mindedness and all attributes of the IB learner profile across the school community.
  • The school has developed a governance and leadership structure that supports the implementation of the programme.
  • The school has identified units and lines of inquiry where authentic and relevant links could be made to the study of host or home country, the culture of individual students, and the culture of others, including their belief systems.

We look forward to continued growth, development and reflection.