From Your PLT – 28 January 2022

Since the campus reopened in early November we have implemented strict protocols for the entire MYIS community in order to ensure everyone’s safety. We would like to thank our MYIS parents for supporting us throughout this time, even as we have taken additional precautions this term by increasing our COVID screening / ATK testing from two to three times per week.

While we understand that frequent testing is not convenient we can say with certainty that it has been helpful in keeping our school COVID-free, with zero positive cases on campus and no class closures thus far. We will continue to follow the current protocol of testing three times per week until further notice. 

We would like to remind all families to please submit their child’s COVID Screening Form every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday no later than 6:00pm. Students and family members who have not been verified through the Form cannot be permitted to enter campus the following day. Therefore our staff must review every family’s screening results individually each evening, contacting those who have not submitted the Form. This is a time consuming process but it is necessary to ensure that all of our students can attend school. 

We encourage you to set an afternoon alarm or calendar reminder every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday to make sure that you are able to complete your family’s ATK testing and submit the COVID Screening Form by 6:00pm. Many parents have been courteous by also uploading their ATK test result photos in their class Line group. Please note that while this offers reassurance to other parents the school does not have access to these Line groups and therefore cannot accept the photos in lieu of submitting the COVID Screening Form.

Thank you for your support and contributing to a safe and healthy learning environment for everyone here at MYIS.