Professional Development at MYIS

At MYIS, we value existing at the frontier of learning in this ever-changing and growing world of education. As new knowledge, concepts and approaches to teaching and learning emerge, it is our mission to stay informed and establish connections to our practice.


MAP Assessment Training

Last week our Primary Years teachers experienced an intensive MAP Assessment training session, coordinated by Ms. Mel. Teachers analyzed and calibrated data and looked closely at the tools the MAP Assessment system provides for formative assessment. Following this training, all families from Grades 3-5 were invited for a one-on-one meeting to review their child’s progress and specific areas of growth.

Language Acquisition

Mr. Tan Hyunh spent a full day on campus this week in workshops with teachers and lab sites, co teaching with teachers in the classrooms. This day of professional development centered around the concept of differentiation, looking closely at Tomlinson’s Framework. Mr. Tan demonstrated how effective language teachers look closely at the content, product and process when planning for teaching and learning. He also discussed the importance of building culturally responsive classrooms in which student’s home language and culture is embraced and used to drive critical thinking and conceptual understanding.



This week teachers rejoined their committees for meetings on a range of important topics. This year we have created committees for Child Protection, Well-Being, Social Studies & Science Curriculum, Technology

 and Innovation, and IB/CIS Accreditation. Teachers collaboratively research their topic and put forth proposals and plans for how to implement these important areas into the life of the school. 


Reading Engagement and Fluency

Last week we had a professional development session on developing reading lives amongst our students and using our school library. Teachers spent time in the library carefully selecting books to use for their classroom libraries. Moving forward, teachers are continuing to develop their understanding of the Reading Workshop approach to literacy, as well as the importance of independent reading time and differentiated reading instruction. 


Early Years in the PYP

This week Ms. Meredith and Ms. Tahireh hosted a PYP Network workshop for 136 participants from IB schools across Southeast Asia. The workshop focused around new Early Years documents released from the IB, and shared with the network how MYIS is seamlessly integrating the PYP into our Early Years classrooms. Participants were eager to learn more about learning stories, intentional environments and parent partnerships after witnessing how these elements unfold within our MYIS program.


Teachers Teach Teachers

Our own MYIS teachers have a range of expertise and so much to offer to our learning community. On March 2 we will be hosting a “Teachers Teach Teachers” session where teachers will run mini-workshops on topics, including Using Newsela in the Classroom; Thinking Routines; Self-Regulated Learners; Mindfulness; Outdoor Environments and Learner Agency.