Construction Progress: November 2021

Unfortunately, the first half of this year saw limited progress on the construction site of the school’s new multipurpose building due to financial constraints and government restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the construction committee used this time to meet online, review the building design, oversee necessary permits and paperwork, and approve the bill of quantities (BOQ) submitted by the contractor. During this time, repairs were made to the neighbours’ homes surrounding the school’s property to create goodwill and maintain positive relations for the future.

 In addition, a large billboard with a 3D representation of the multipurpose building was posted at the soccer field. A viewing window was installed to allow students to observe the progress at the site upon their return to campus.

As restrictions slowly eased towards the second half of the year, progress at the site became visible. In September 2021, the labor camp at the rental property adjacent to the school’s parking lot was fully assembled and preparation for the footing and foundation of the building began. Meanwhile, the committee finalised the construction contract and submitted it to the bank to process the loan for construction. In addition, the construction payment schedule was agreed upon and the committee decided on a biweekly site meeting together with the contractor and project architect.

Despite numerous hurdles during a challenging year for the school, the new multipurpose building is beginning to take shape and the next 12 months of construction promise to be an exciting time for the school’s future expansion.

The construction crew preparing the foundation walls of our new building.