Day 192: Second floor continued progress

Despite the heavy rains, there is significant progress on the second floor of the school building. Pre-cast concrete planks have been positioned on the floor of the vast west wing of the campus. In the north wing, steel tie work and concrete pouring is already underway for the second floor

Day 173: Second Floor Concrete Topping

After the pre-cast concrete planks were installed on the second floor of the north wing and wire mesh was put into place, concrete trucks were brought to the site to begin pouring concrete for the first topping layer of the second floor. A large crane was utilized to lift heavy

Day 159: Second Floor Beams and Planks Arranged

The second floor of the east wing and north wing of the new school campus is making steady progress. Scaffolding was installed and steel structures were put into place to support wooden plates for the bottom part of the second floor beams. This was followed by the preparation of steel

Day 124: Columns Taking Shape

Concrete columns have quickly sprung up around the construction site in preparation for building the second floor of the school. Steel form work with props were carefully prepared to ensure the columns are vertical and do not move during the casting of concrete. The columns were then provided temporary protection

Day 114: Precast Concrete Flooring Under Way

On day 114, concrete flooring of the ground floor was well under way. Precast concrete floor slabs were erected and put into place above the ground beams. Wire mesh was then assembled on top of the concrete slabs to cast the concrete floor topping. At the same time, columns were