MYIS Middle School Expansion & Scholarship Program

MYIS International School is excited to announce the expansion of our campus and growth up to Grade 8 in August 2023. These developments are the result of an overwhelming response from our families to expand beyond Early Years and Primary school, and have been made possible thanks to the efforts of the entire learning community – students, teachers, staff, parents and the leadership team, who have worked collaboratively to create a world-class learning environment for our students over the past 32 years.

The new Middle School program at MYIS is designed to give students the opportunity to explore their academic and creative interests in a supportive, nurturing environment. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for a bright future of learning beyond our IB Primary Years Program, and to provide them with the skills, dispositions and knowledge necessary for success in high school, university and beyond. The MYIS Middle School program places emphasis on developing critical and creative thinking skills, as well as collaborative problem-solving and communication skills. Students will be encouraged to develop an understanding of global issues and to become active, responsible citizens of the world, developing an understanding of their own identity and deepening their empathy for others through exploring multiple perspectives.

In addition to core classes such as literacy, social studies, mathematics, science, and world languages, MYIS Middle School students will have the opportunity to explore passions and interests in the visual arts, music and design technology in our new campus facilities which are set to open this coming April 2023. The new state-of-the-art building will expand our outdoor learning and athletics space and feature a STEAM lab, performing arts theater, large gym, dance studio, world languages hub, 25 meter swimming pool, and more.

MYIS will also continue providing our students with a variety of extracurricular activities and opportunities for personal growth. Through our clubs and a growing athletics program, students will be able to develop their social and leadership skills, as well as explore their interests in a fun and engaging way. 

Beyond Middle School

MYIS International School is committed to continuing our growth and development, with plans to expand through High School (Grades 9 -12) by the year 2026. The curriculum for these upper levels of the school will provide students with the opportunity to develop their academic and creative skills while also exploring global issues, engaging in community service, and learning about their own identity. With our promise to continue providing a student-centered, innovative and nurturing learning environment and a variety of opportunities for students to explore their interests and develop necessary skills, MYIS graduates will be well-positioned for success in university and beyond. We encourage your family to visit us and learn more about the exciting developments happening here.