From Your PLT – 17 December 2021

What a start to the School Year 2022/23 we had. Starting the year online via Distance Learning set a challenge for our learning community, and everyone appreciated the opportunity to come together on campus.

The past seven weeks have seen the whole school focus on reconnecting as a community and supporting each other as students acclimatized face-to-face in the classroom. The positive impact that the partnership between families and school has had on our students has been evident by the ease they made the transition between home and school. Our students have been supported socially, emotionally, and academically through open communication between parents and teachers.

As we prepare to go on break, we wish you all a happy and restful three weeks. Whether you are staying in Thailand or going outside the country to visit loved ones, we hope you all return to us safe and healthy on Tuesday, January 11, 2022! Please be careful to continue wearing your mask, keeping as socially distanced as possible and being in well-ventilated spaces. Let us continue to do all we can to keep our community safe and healthy in the new year.

A special thank you to Khun Dina and Khun Eng with our class parents for all your assistance in keeping our community connected and informed over the term. We encourage you to continue to communicate with us at over the break should your family’s situation change.