“You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.” ‒ Geoffrey Willans

First Language Foundation

Learning English is a process. Our goal at MYIS International School is for the children to acquire an excellent foundation in the English language. However, without a strong foundation in their first language or mother tongue, children will take much longer to acquire cognitive English language skills used for speaking, listening, reading and writing in an academic environment.

Time and Space

Children are able to achieve a superficial fluency in English fairly quickly. However, our motive is not speed, but rather meaning and understanding. The process of learning a second language takes time. Each child has his or her own pace of learning and development. We advocate the importance of time and space as key elements in the success of children who become proficient speakers, readers and writers of English.

Environment for Language Learning

Our environment for learning language focuses not only on knowledge, but also on experiences that bring about a conceptual understanding of what is being learned. It is an environment designed to provide enriching experiences that follow the child’s interests, individual development and cultural background. This fosters in our students joy and passion in their acquisition of a second language.