Day 658: Final Touches to New Campus

Here’s what happened during the winter break! Some final touches were made to the new campus site before the arrival of all the teachers on January 9th. A few empty plots of land were transformed into what are now playgrounds for the students. Before the installation of the playgrounds took

Day 603: Front Car Park Almost Complete

The front of school car park is now almost complete! The cement flooring is finished and the shade awning for the school bus drop off point is installed. The ramps for the car park entrance and exit to the street level have also been completed and now what remains is

Day 589: Final Stages of Architectural Construction

With just 6 weeks to go before the start of our move to the new campus, the architectural construction is in its final stages! The fence around the swimming pool is nearing completion. The hardwood rail has been installed along the fence of the swimming pool on one side and

Day 568: Work in Car Park Begins

Work has begun in the car park at the front entrance of the new campus. Steel support structures have been installed for the school bus boarding zone. A canopy shade will soon be assembled and the car park floor will receive cement pouring. After tiling was completed in the swimming

Day 554: Swimming Pool and Gym Room Near Completion

Tiling in the swimming pool has been completed. Bricks are currently being laid to construct a wall for the pool showers. The remaining work in the swimming pool includes the sand wash floor finishing and the pool fence. The plaster work in the big gym is complete along with painting.