MYIS believes parents are the primary educators of their children. The school highly values the input of parents in all matters.

Parents are encouraged to keep in touch with their children’s daily activities, visit the school, play or observe their children and learn as much about the program as possible.

The Parent Working Group

Parents are also welcome to join the “Parent Working Group” (PWG). The PWG is a parent-driven initiative providing an effective means to communicate and collaborate with MYIS, empowering parents to take an active role in the continued development and enhancement of the school.

The PWG is a unique feature of MYIS, where the parents genuinely participate and have a valued “voice” within the school to ensure any ideas, concerns and initiatives are communicated and can be realized together with the school.

The PWG is involved in a range of activities including fundraising, organizing workshops, publishing the school yearbook, participating in school performances, and contributing to school-wide events. The PWG works collaboratively with the teachers, management and even the school kitchen to optimize the experience for your child during these fundamental early years of their development and education.

Get Involved

All parents are welcome to join the Parent Working Group. Please ask your class’ Room Parent how you can get involved.