“A child’s ideas about education and its significance begin with the parent.”

The Role of Families

Families play an important role in our community. They partake in school-wide celebrations, special events and assemblies. In the classrooms, they volunteer to share a recipe, read a story, or introduce their family’s customs and traditions. They attend workshops and parent education programs and outside of school they participate in social events and fundraising activities.

Families are always welcome to share their special talents with us at school. Young children learn from concrete experiences, and we encourage parents to help enrich the school for our children.

Room Mom/Dad

Parents may choose to become a “Room Mom/Dad” for their child’s class. The Room Mom/Dad has a number of significant roles.

They may help to arrange “Coffee Mornings” for all parents at the beginning of the year or help during special events by coordinating volunteers to assist with activities. A Room Mom/Dad can also help to organize activities in the classroom like lap reading, journal writing, cooking, field trips, video production and assisting with documentation panels.

A Room Mom/Dad is a great resource for enriching the classroom and parents are encouraged to be as involved as they can.

“Positive Parenting” Workshops

“Positive Parenting” is the name of a set of workshops provided to further educate the families on the school’s educational practices and beliefs. The framework of the workshops is based on “learners constructing meaning”.

The components of the program include: tuning in (using questions, videos, clips, poems, articles, power point, photo, past experiences and mindsets, books); finding out and sorting out (exploring, experiencing and presenting understanding through the use of a Thinking Routine); going further (sharing early years education philosophy, research and experience); reflection (questions and discussions); action (making this valuable experience part of your life).