Welcome to MYIS!

We hope the information provided below will help with your transition to MYIS.

You are welcome to contact our school office (office@magicyears.ac.th) for any further information regarding the beginning of your child’s school experience.

First Day of School

Each child should carry a backpack to school with a water bottle, toothbrush and toothpaste, two extra sets of clothing, and diapers (if necessary). Please consult with your child’s teacher if you have questions about what to bring to school.
Children enrolling at the beginning of a semester will join school on staggered starting dates. The purpose of staggered starting dates is to allow the teacher to provide additional individual attention to your child during his/her first day of school.
We teach the importance of arriving on time from the very beginning! We realize that beating the traffic is a challenge, but it is critical for your child to experience the morning routine together with his or her friends. Planning and organizing your child’s night and morning routines at home will ensure they can begin the school day on time.

Information for Parents

New families looking for a support network have no better place to turn than the Parent Working Group (PWG)! The PWG consists of a group of parents who aim to enrich the school in collaboration with the administration.

Three separate “Open House” events are offered during the year:

Open House
The first Open House takes place before the first day of school. Parent and children meet their child’s teaching team and visit their homeroom. Parents will be able to obtain important information pertaining to the class.

Back to School Night
The second Open House event also referred to as “Back to School Night” takes place at the beginning of the academic year. This is an occasion to build relationships, become familiar with the class learning environment, and understand the schedule and handbook.

Open House Mornings
The third Open House event referred to as “Open House Mornings” takes place in the second term. It gives parents a preview of the class their child will be entering the following school year.

Parents and caregivers are asked to present their MYIS ID cards to the school guards upon entering the campus. Please submit passport-size photos to the office (1” by 1”) for parents, nannies and drivers to collect MYIS ID cards.