General Information

Our school year consists of two terms from August to December and January to June. Our major holidays periods are similar to other international schools in Bangkok.

No, we do not require our children to wear a school uniform. As a form of self-expression, our children are given the freedom and creativity to choose what they want to wear to school.
If your child has a food allergy, please inform the school office. We will take every precaution to ensure your child is not offered ingredients that may trigger the allergy. Our school menu is designed to accommodate all children as best as possible. However, you are encouraged to provide a snack or lunch for your child if you notice he/she has a food allergy to an item on the menu.

This depends on the grade level. We maintain a class enrollment size conducive to promoting a quality classroom environment and providing effective instruction. Our youngest class (Trust & Caring) has a maximum number of 12 students/day. Our oldest Early Years class has a maximum of 18 students/day and for Grade 1 and up the maximum is 20 students. Each class has one head teacher and one co-teacher.

All of our teachers are qualified and they possess excellent communication skills in English. In addition to their qualifications and experience in early childhood education, our teachers also embody a number of qualities that are crucial to help your child develop and learn. Our teachers are open-minded, passionate about learning, committed to collaboration, thoughtful, attentive, and reflective.

Students enrolled in MYIS do not take a nap at school. However, for our youngest students, we do have cots if they feel tired as they are transitioning into their new school schedule. Students ages 1-4 depart school at 12:30pm and therefore, a nap during the school day is usually not necessary.

We offer a part-time program with the option to attend school 3 days a week for children 3 years old and younger. It serves as an alternative arrangement for families who are unable to bring their child to school every day or who wish to allow their children to spend time at home during the week.
Yes! We have an open door policy, which allows parents to be in school at any time. We cherish and encourage this partnership with families as it brings great enrichment to our entire community.

Your child will learn English at MYIS International School. However, our concern is not speed, but rather meaning and understanding.

The first goal for our children is to let them develop an understanding about themselves and how the world works. We aim to build confidence, a love for learning and the ability to have ideas and thoughts expressed clearly. While your child is developing their strong self and getting confident in the many areas of development – social, emotional, physical, cognitive – he/she is also learning to communicate both in their mother tongue as well as English.

This process takes time and each child has his/her own pace of learning and development. All of our children learn to communicate in English – some may take less time, some may take more time. But what’s important about this approach is that your child is not only learning to speak a language, but also developing a deeper conceptual understanding of what he/she is communicating and why he/she is saying it.


Applications are accepted all year round. The school fees are prorated depending on your child’s start date.

You and your child will be invited to an interview with the School Principal. Through interactions and a natural conversation, the Principal will get to know you and your child better.

MYIS is an inclusive school community welcoming children from all backgrounds. In consultation with a professional at an early intervention center we can accept special needs children. Our experience tells us that special needs children succeed at MYIS when they simultaneously receive support from a specialist outside. Our program offers a suitable learning environment for special needs children who would benefit from a mainstream school for socialization, but not for the purpose of rehabilitation, therapy or related services.

Yes, we offer sibling discounts both on the registration fee and the tuition fee. Please see our tuition page for more details.

We believe that early experiences matter. Research tells us that 80% of the brain is developed by the age of 3. Being exposed to the rich and stimulating environment at MYIS and allowing for such experiences from an early age will contribute to your child’s successful development both cognitively and physically.

We have been offering programs for 1-2 year olds for many years and we have seen time and time again how young children benefit from socialization, self-management and independence, language development, and an effortless transition to school culture, group settings and routines.

Yes, at MYIS we plan for a gradual separation/adjustment process for both the child and parent from the first day of school. We require and encourage parents to remain in the classroom to support the child’s transition in the new environment.

Our goal is to provide the child with tools and strategies to be successful in their first experience of separating from family and home life. This happens when the child’s trusted and loved ones (parent, relative or caregiver) are by his or her side helping form relationships with teachers, children and the environment. The result is a strong foundation of trust and confidence in themselves and others and joy and love for school.

In the first few weeks and months of school, children may fall sick more often than usual as they encounter a new community of bacteria and viruses. However, as a child is exposed to more pathogens, their immune system quickly develops and becomes stronger in fighting off viruses. In essence, children need such exposure to develop strong immune systems. Remember that a balanced diet, daily exercise, good hand washing and plenty of sleep goes a long way in helping your child’s immune system and in letting them live a healthy life.

Many of our young toddlers still take a nap when they first join school. In our Trust and Caring Class (1-2 year-olds), a comfortable soft space is provided for milk and rest time if needed. However, as the children develop, get stronger and become more engaged in our environment, they eventually adjust to our schedule, outgrow their nap and choose to explore and play with their classmates instead.

No, we do not require your child to be toilet trained before joining school. We believe that each child has their own internal timetable in regards to their readiness for toilet training. Our goal is certainly not to pressure the parents or the child to hurry this process. However, when the child is ready we support the parents through this process and work together in a partnership to ensure the child feels successful.

At MYIS we focus on developing the whole child. We instill in our students the learning dispositions to thrive and succeed not only in our school, but in any setting beyond MYIS.

Although, our recommendation is for your child to continue in an IB MYP or DP school, we have seen many of our students excel in a variety of academic settings – American, British or Thai. This is due to the qualities and attitudes they espouse, such as confidence, enthusiasm, and commitment to learning.