Our library is all about resources. We learn…inside, outside and online with others.

Our Collection

The MYIS library has materials that range from pre-reading to fluent reading. There is a collection of hard cover picture books that cater to our youngest children (1 year-olds) up to 3-4 year-olds and more complex story books for the older students up to middle school, including poetry and chapter books. 

Our library has something for everyone, from Chameleons to Lightning, Princesses to Super Heroes, audio books for those who love to be read to and songs. Come and roam around in the mornings or take a look at our online catalog. If your child has a particular favorite book, feel free to record yourself reading it, send the recording (as well as information about the book) to us and we will try to have it available for your child, or others to share the story…no matter what language!

Importance of Library Time

Library time really is a time when children of all ages can dive into the book’s world for a while – either to learn more about a topic or to imagine. Learning about real life and how to imagine are two aspects that are very important for development. Children can start to learn about how they ‘fit’ into the world around them, how their behavior can impact others and themselves, and helps with a sense of ownership, trust, sharing and independence. Choosing and sharing stories is essentially a time of building confidence in oneself and others around.

How It Works

Library time at MYIS International School is scheduled weekly for all our students over two years old. Students also come in often to learn more about certain topics of interest at different times during the week. Scheduled library time always involves one or more stories, songs, and some time to find and read a book of choice. Students check out books and take them back to the classroom to read during that week. Library time may be inside with books or audio books, researching online with guidance from a teacher, back in the classroom, or out and about in our spacious and wonderfully shaded grounds.

Library Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00am – 3:00pm

Get Involved

Get in touch with us about how you can be a part of library time at our school.