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Questions and Answers

What countries are currently on the self-quarantine list?

According to the Ministry of Education the countries that incur a 14-day self-quarantine are:

China, Singapore, Italy ,Hong Kong, Iran, Germany,

Maccau, Japan, France ,Taiwan, South Korea

Why is MYIS not closing?

MYIS is guided by directives from the Thai Ministry of Education that is communicated through the International Schools Association of Thailand, of which we are a member. This ensures that we are approaching this uncertain time, in alignment with other international schools throughout Bangkok. Along with this, we are in contact with other international schools in the area. Please be assured that we are doing everything suggested and in many cases more.

If you would prefer to keep your child/ren at home during this time we will fully support your decision and include your student in the Distance Learning Program.

What impact is CoVID-19 having on teachers?

As with all students and families, our teachers and staff are also being screened each day for their temperature. Staff were asked to submit their travel details over our February break and many have been subjected to self-quarantine. During this time, teachers are in daily contact with their teaching team to collaborate on lessons and be as involved in their classes daily teaching as possible. We ask that you recognize the increased level of responsibility and pressure on teachers at this time. They are currently planning two versions of lessons, one for students in school and one for the students under self-quarantine at home. They are also planning for the possibility of school closure to ensure that lessons will continue as seamlessly as possible.

Why is MYIS not checking passports at the gate?

We understand many parents have concerns regarding all members of the school community following the protocols honestly. Currently, we continue to work with ISAT and our neighbouring International Schools to align our CoVID-19 protocols. At this time, checking passports for all members entering the school, including students, is not logistically possible and will not provide us with accurate data as it will not monitor exposure to visitors who have visited over the holiday. We will fully support your family should you wish to keep your student at home as a precaution and they will join the self-quarantine students in distance learning.

Additionally, with a mission and vision that is centred around trust, respect and community collaboration we believe that our school network will continue to approach this situation with these core value being honoured. Already from today’s conversations with families, this is the case with over 30 students remaining at home in self-quarantine.

Will students and staff wear masks all day?

The World Health Organisation has reinforced the directive that masks only be worn by people who are experiencing cold and flu symptoms. Masks do not protect people from being exposed to germs.  Check their guidelines here. However, it is also ok if you would prefer your child to wear a mask.

What measures are being taken at school?

We continue to check temperatures of all people entering the school campus as well as ensuring students routinely wash their hands every hour. The operations staff have been thoroughly cleaning the school each day and hand sanitizer is in each classroom

Will we need to go into summer if the school closes?

Currently, our understanding is that by undertaking a Distance Learning Program we will not need to make up any time during the summer holiday period.

What should we consider when booking vacations for Songkran and Summer?                                                  

Unfortunately, this current situation is unpredictable and currently, advice suggests this will continue through the year and predicting/guessing where coronavirus outbreaks may occur is challenging, and when planning future travel flexibility is crucial. If planning a holiday or a business trip, we recommend avoiding at-risk areas identified by the World Health Organization, Thai Ministry of Public Health and US Centers for Disease Control, as well as the countries with an increasing number of cases.

Particularly for Songkran, please keep in mind when planning your holidays that a 14-day self-quarantine may be required.

What does self-quarantine mean?

Self- quarantine means that people who have been to/had visitors from/transitted through any of the listed countries must remain in their homes for 14 days from the time they, or their guests, arrived in Thailand.

What does distance learning mean?

Distance Learning will be put into place for any students who need to stay at home in self-quarantine OR if the school is directed to close. MYIS have two policies that will continue to guide us as we lead students in self-quarantine through their lessons each day. You can read these guidelines by clicking on THIS link.

In the event of school closure, teachers will be directed by THESE guidelines as to what learning will look like.