Studies have shown that a healthy diet at school can sharpen children’s minds and improve concentration and learning.

Our goal at MYIS is to do just that – provide healthy, balanced and tasty meals so that our children can be ready for learning.

Life-long Eating Habits

Our snack and lunch time is an occasion everyone enjoys. Children not only learn appropriate table manners and important lifelong eating habits but also benefit from food that is fresh, tasty and nutritious.

A morning snack and afternoon lunch are served daily to the children. Teachers often use meal times as an opportunity to encourage children to try new foods that perhaps they would not normally eat at home. This helps the children develop a variety of tastes and appreciation for diversity.

Snack and Lunch Committee

A dedicated committee of teachers, parents, and cooks work closely together to develop a menu of children’s meals while balancing both nutrition and taste. They ensure that our meals consist only of fresh, local and seasonal produce while limiting processed products, sweeteners, and deep-fried foods. We also offer a number of healthy and appetizing oven-baked good made fresh in our kitchen.

School Menu

The school menu is made available to parents in advance. In case your child has a food allergy, please inform the school ahead of time.