Community Member Profile – Ms. Chiara

This week we spoke to Peace & Unity Head Teacher Ms. Chiara to get to know more about her….


Name or Nickname: 

Chiara Mol


MYIS Position / Job title: 

Peace & Unity Head Teacher


How long have you been a part of MYIS?

For just one, magical term!


What passions do you bring into the classroom?

I am very passionate about differentiating instruction because students each come into the classroom with different experiences, so I think it’s only fair to provide them with different opportunities that best fit them individually. As a teacher, I wish to cultivate a yearning for learning, and provide them with the guidance they need to unlock their potential. I also love the performing arts, so I try to incorporate song and dance whenever, and wherever I can!


What’s your favorite food?

If I really had to pick one, it would be a nice plate of “spaghetti alle vongole” from Ostia, Italy, my hometown. It is essentially spaghetti with fresh clams, olive oil, and parsley. I almost forgot about a crunchy piece of bread to clean off your plate once you’re finished!


What was your first job?

I had a summer job at my high school as an art history teacher’s assistant in Rome, Italy!


What’s your favorite color?

I change my mind every other day, but if you ask me today, it’s light purple! 


What’s the most amazing place you’ve ever traveled to?

This would most probably be Sardegna, Italia. The crystal blue water was nothing short of amazing, the food was magical, and of course…. the gelato.


What are 3 things you would want to have with you on a deserted island?

  1. Dora the Explorer’s backpack because it literally has everything I would need to survive!
  2. A magic lamp (with a genie inside)
  3. Life-Straw: A straw that will purify any drinking source (fun fact: I fundraised for the company of life straws throughout high school to donate to kids in the Congo without drinking water).


What actor would you cast to play you in a movie about your life?

Julia Roberts… even though I’m not worthy!