Unforgettable Sports Week at MYIS

Is there anything better than when students start every day of the week with sports activities?

On Monday, 7 December – Friday, 10 December, MYIS students and their teachers made the most of the beautiful weather and played sports outdoors. There’s no better way to increase awareness among young people about the importance of physical activity than to experience it in person – during Sports Week!

Our students showed their athletic prowess and enthusiastic team spirit on these sunny December days.

Physical and mental exercise is equally as important

Our students showcased their team and sporting spirit, their teachers took on the role of coach and head cheerleader, and everyone enjoyed the quality time they spent together.

The students displayed endurance, leadership and excellent athletic abilities. They played various games and activities, such as the 50-meter dash, soccer, tug of war and participated in the Line Game. At the same time, we observed their leg coordination, accuracy and speed that they have been practicing since the beginning of the term during distance learning.

As we have shown so many times, MYIS strives to develop not only a love of learning but also a love of sports and a healthy lifestyle. This is a practice we will continue in the future!