From Your PLT – 18 March 2022


The PYP exhibition is a culmination of students learning journey while in the IB Primary Years Programme. Students collaborate to apply and display skills, knowledge, conceptual understandings and learner profile attributes as they engage in the inquiry process.

Thursday, March 17, MYIS launched the 2022 PYP Exhibition by hosting a special day where students engaged in a balance of group and individual work. They were asked to reflect on who they are as a learner, as a group member and as an internationally-minded, global citizen. Through a range of learning engagements that spanned their entire curriculum, including The Arts, Design Technology and PSPE, students gained a deeper connection to the inquiry process they are about to embark on.

A growth-minded learning environment was fostered where students discuss the importance of cognitive conflict and making mistakes. We look forward to seeing the amazing journey ahead for them as they end their Primary Years experience celebrating the inspiring learners they are.