Collaborative Experience

Before the beginning of the academic year, our teachers participate in a two-week “Staff Orientation” to welcome new staff to the community and to prepare themselves for the exciting year ahead.

At the beginning of the orientation, a collaborative experience is planned involving physical work to help beautify the school, instilling within the staff a spirit of service and a sense of teamwork.

In addition, the teachers work together to make meaning of the Magic Years Philosophy, to improve their understanding of the IB PYP and Hidden Gems Character Development Program, and to connect to professional growth goals in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Staff Retreat

The orientation is highlighted by a Staff Retreat, which takes place in an exclusive location outside Bangkok. During the retreat, the teachers engage in workshops and plan in committees to develop ideas for shared spaces and special events. The teachers also take part in team building exercises to foster unity and collaboration. These activities of fellowship lead to strong ties of friendship and unity that are crucial for the teamwork required in the year ahead.

Enthusiastic Educators

The process of collaboration is exciting to witness as educators from various cultures and backgrounds gather together to learn, share perspectives, consult, ask questions, reflect on experiences, set up environments, solve problems, and build unity. The result is a committed and enthusiastic group of professionals ready to begin the new year, eagerly anticipating the return of the children to school!