DEIJ in the Classroom

What is DEIJ? DEIJ stands for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice and is a practice that aligns with MYIS’ mission to develop a caring community that moves together to celebrate and respect people from all cultures. The school’s commitment to DEIJ also correlates with IB’s value of international mindedness: “An

Mindfulness at MYIS

As we look towards returning full-time to school in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, what is of the utmost importance to us is the mental, physical and social wellbeing of the children in our MYIS community. As we begin learning within a classroom environment again, something we want to

4 Ways to Support Your Budding Reader

  By Tahireh Thampi, PYP Coordinator at MYIS International School   At the beginning of the school year it is always amazing to observe the different kinds of reading experiences my students bring into the classroom.  Depending on the reading culture at their previous school and at home, students often

Specialist Classes at MYIS

The specialist program at MYIS is one that is truly integrated with the Units of Inquiry being studied in homeroom classes. Offered during the school day, students are engaged in a holistic program that offers them the opportunity to develop interests outside of classroom learning and support the IB PYP

6 Highly Impactful Benefits of Our School Farm

At MYIS International School, we’ve seen firsthand how a school farm can meaningfully impact a child’s development. It has the capacity to reinforce key concepts in their learning journey and can help them grow into more compassionate, caring and reflective human beings. We share 6 benefits of the school farm