Community Member Profile – Ms. Ping

This week we spoke to Creativity & Service Co-Teacher Ms. Ping to learn about her interests and background…


Name or Nickname: 

Ping Ping


MYIS Position / Job title: 

Creativity & Service Co-Teacher, Co-Teacher Coordinator


How long have you been a part of MYIS?

This coming August will be 9 years at MYIS. 


What passions do you bring into the classroom?

I think I bring the love for art into the classroom. I really enjoy setting up the art center with different kinds of materials based on our children’s needs and interests. I feel that art is a great way to express our feelings and thoughts. It’s also another way to use your imagination and enjoy yourself.


What’s your favorite food?

I can have ‘Pad Kra Pao’ everyday, but not too spicy. 


What was your first job?

For my first job I worked as an activity leader in a child development center. I was teaching 4 month olds to 6 year olds. 


What’s your favorite color?

I love black, khaki, gray, cedar green and white.


What’s the most amazing place you’ve ever traveled to?

I think most of the places that I’ve ever traveled to are amazing, but Dalat in Vietnam is always my favorite place. I’ve been there 3-4 times for the past 3 years, before the pandemic of Covid 19. I love the weather there. It’s very cold at night and pretty cool during the day time. There are plenty of cafe in the city. I remember that I spend most of my day in the cafe, sit and enjoy my coffee and tea. If ever I can travel freely again, Dalat will definitely be my next destination. 


What are 3 things you would want to have with you on a deserted island?

My parents, my husband and food


What actor would you cast to play you in a movie about your life?

I fall for Mandy Moore when she was a Jamie Sullivan from A Walk to Remember. I’ve been watching this movie over and over again since I was 16. Her expression thought her eyes and body language are really expressive. With her lovely and lively personality, I think she could play me well in a movie about my life (even to other people lives too).