Day 658: Final Touches to New Campus

Here’s what happened during the winter break!

Some final touches were made to the new campus site before the arrival of all the teachers on January 9th. A few empty plots of land were transformed into what are now playgrounds for the students. Before the installation of the playgrounds took place, the land was prepped and more trees were planted around the site, adding to the collection of trees that were planted before. Once this was done, work on the playgrounds began – the jungle gyms were built, swings installed and slides attached. To complete the look, grass was added to the area to give it a green and lively feel. Cement was also laid down for the bicycle path that surrounds the area of the playground.

With the completion of the above, the school began to look and feel more whole and complete – just in time to welcome all our teachers back to prepare for a new school term!