From Your PLT – 3 December 2021

Staff Vaccinations:

Keeping our campus safe and illness free continues to be of utmost priority for us. Today we had staff from the World Medical Centre Hospital on campus to give all of our teachers and staff their annual flu vaccination. Together with the COVID-19 boosters beginning to be received, we are confident that our staff and teachers continue to be protected, in turn keeping our students as safe as possible. 



New Staff Introductions: January 2022

As we prepare for Ms Caitie and Ms Natalie to return home in December and our enrollment numbers increase, we are happy to introduce three new headteachers who will be joining us in January, 2022: 


Ms Cynthia Torres joins us from Floria, America as our second Creativity and Service headteacher for Term 2. Ms Cynthia has been teaching for nine years, both within America and internationally. With an education degree from Florida University, Ms Cynthia has a passion for language and specialises in teaching Multilingual Learners. She is excited to join Ms Meredith, Ms Ping and Ms Amp and is looking forward to getting to know her class in January.


Ms Chiara Mol joins our Peace and Unity team in January, 2022. Ms Chiara is an enthusiastic educator who graduated with a double major in Elementary Education and English from Assumption University in Massachusetts, America. She is a trained singer with a passion for service learning work within the local community and believes strongly in teaching students the power of their voice in advocating for those less fortunate. She is excited to join us at MYIS and has spent the morning in the classroom today getting to know the students and her teaching team.


Ms Ocea Michelin joins our Early Years class in January. A former MYIS student and ISB graduate, Ms Ocea graduated from the University of British Columbia before starting her teaching career. Having studied Psychology and child development, Ms Ocea understands the value of learning through a multisensory approach. She strives to create an inclusive classroom environment for every student to succeed individually and as part of the classroom social network and is excited to work in a school that values parent partnerships.