From Your PLT – 4 February 2022

The MYIS community was directly impacted by COVID-19 this week as four parents and one student tested positive. Once again our community displayed high levels of trust and commitment as they flexibly adapted for the safety and health of our community.

Out of an abundance of caution, our Joy and Confidence and Peace and Unity classes were off-campus while we waited for PCR results to be released. The result of these tests is that Joy and Confidence will remain off campus next week, working via Distance Learning. 

In each case throughout the week, we were able to refer to our MYIS COVID-19 School Safety Matrix. This matrix clearly defines not only who is considered either an “infected individual,” “high/medium/low risk” contact, but also what the quarantine and campus return requirements are for each category. This document is a changing document as we review it weekly and adjust it according to the latest guidelines from the Department of Public Health.

We have provided the matrix for your reference below in both English and Thai language and encourage you to read it and ask any questions you may have. We will send updated versions as required.

We thank all the members of our community who are dealing with COVID cases in their families, for their speedy communication and honesty. This openness allows us to take immediate action and ensure the impact on our community is kept to a minimum. We wish them all the best for a fast recovery and look forward to seeing them back on campus soon.