From Your PLT – 4 March 2022

This week has seen MYIS responding quickly to many new cases with students and their family members. The MYIS School Safety Matrix has been the guiding reference for us as we determine the details of each case and what the next steps should be. This matrix is essential as it provides us with a consistent approach to all situations and transparency with our school community.

It is VITAL, not only for the safety of our students but also for the impact on teaching and learning for our classes, that we receive the latest information from families. If any of your household members test positive for COVID OR are in high-risk contact with a COVID patient, please email immediately. This will allow us to contact trace and prevent further exposure to our students. 

Following the release of updated guidelines from the Ministry of Public Health yesterday, we have reviewed our matrix and made some adjustments that will positively benefit our teaching and learning. 

Adjustments made mean that:

  • Those who have tested positive with COVID have a minimum of 10 days in quarantine (previously, this was 14 days).
  • High-risk contacts living with a positive COVID patient quarantine for 7 days starting from the day the patient tests negative (previously 10 days).
  • High-risk contacts in the same class as a COVID patient quarantine for 7 days starting from the last day the student with COVID was on campus (previously 10 days).

We will continue to review and update our matrix as we receive new information from the government. Please see the updated matrix below (in English and Thai).

-Your PLT