Book Week 2022

Next week will be Book Week at school from Wednesday, March 16 to Friday, March 18. Please see the attached flyer for the events and activities we will have each day. 

Character Day – Wednesday, March 16

Students will come dressed up as their favorite story character. Please ask your child who they would like to come dressed up. You might already have a costume at home or you can help your child put a costume together. You can reach out to your class teacher if you need any ideas. 

Parent Read Alouds – Wednesday, March 16; Thursday, March 17; Friday, March 18

This is an opportunity for you to read to your child’s class and interact with them. You can read a story in Thai, English or any language of your choice. Please sign up for a time slot on the sign up sheet that will be shared with you. You can choose to read a story on Zoom or you can come to class. If you choose to come to class, please share your ATK result the day before. You must remain masked and be in class for less than 30 minutes. 

MYIS Book Drive – Wednesday, March 16; Thursday, March 17; Friday, March 18

Our MYIS Book Drive is back! We will be collecting Thai or English books that are in good condition and they will be donated to the Bumblefree Library and/or the school on Soi Prasoet Islam. Each class has a box that will kept near the Admissions office where you can put your books. We will be counting the books donated by each class and the class with the highest number on Friday will get 1000 baht to purchase new books for their class library!

Book Sales – Wednesday, March 16; Thursday, March 17; Friday, March 18

Our vendor, Books @ 53 will set up in the dismissal ares each day for parents to browse and purchase books. 

Classes will visit the MYIS Library Book Sale and students purchase books that will be priced at 50-100 baht. 

Favorite Book Show and Tell – Wednesday, March 16; Thursday, March 17; Friday, March 18

Ask your child what their favorite book is. Please send the book to school on Wednesday, March 16. It will go back home with them at the end of Book Week. Please label the book with their name.

Stuffed Animal Sleepover – Thursday, March 17

Ask your child what stuffed animal they would like to bring to school and please send it with them on Thursday, March 17. It will stay at school overnight and your child can bring it back home on Friday, March 18.

Pajama Day – Friday, March 18

Everyone’s favorite day! Please send your child to school in comfortable pajamas. Please provide a change of clothes in their bag in case they would like to change later.  


Please let us know if you have any questions! Thank you for your support and cooperation!