Co-Teacher PYP Training

An important aspect of our program at MYIS is the collaboration between our headteacher and co-teachers. The planning process between the two teachers enables us to offer our students a program that is not only rich in content but also differentiated to target each student’s individual needs. In order for this to occur successfully, a deep shared understanding is needed. 

The IB Primary Years Program is conceptual and complex in its application and requires time to understand its different components. This week our co-teachers and specialist began a four-week professional development course on the different elements of the PYP. Led by Tania Mansfield, the PYP Coordinator at KIS, and the KIS Thai language teachers. This training is being facilitated in both English and Thai via Zoom. Over the course of the four weeks, our teachers will have a chance to learn the theory and then apply it in their practice in the classroom allowing them to have a deeper understanding of the PYP program.