MYIS Interns

Having interns on campus and a part of our community is something that we strongly value. The opportunity to share what we do and the approach and philosophy towards education while gaining from the knowledge and expertise our interns bring, is a valuable and rich experience for both teachers and students. It also offers us a chance to connect to both our local community (PIMS) and the international community (ITEPS). 


After nearly 2 years of delays due to COVID we are happy to be able to relaunch our intern program in collaboration with PIMS (nearby here in Nonthaburi) and ITEPS University in the Netherlands. 


This week we welcomed Ms Ploy and Ms Wiew onto campus from PIMS (Panyapiwat Institute of Management). Ms Ploy will be mentored by Ms Ann and become a part of the Excellence community, while Ms Wiew will be mentored with Ms Ping. Ms Wiew will be in C&S on Monday and Friday and with Mr Game in music from Tuesday – Thursday. 


They are joining Ms Nienke Pundt from ITEPS in the Netherlands. Ms Nienke is being mentored by Ms Pew and is already an active member of the Grade 2 community. She is on campus with us until the end of May for four days a week.


All three interns joining us have met the COVID protocols and are part of the ATK testing process.