From Your PLT – 11 March 2022

We continue to review and adjust our COVID-19 protocols and procedures according to updated guidance from the Government. Our goal remains the same, to provide the highest level of education to our students (on-campus) while ensuring our community is safe and healthy.


Below are the updates of the matrix, these changes are effective immediately:

  • The category of medium risk has been removed
  • High-risk contacts are those who have been in close contact with an infected person while not wearing a mask or who live in the same household
  • A high-risk contact will be considered low-risk if a person is vaccinated and has had COVID-19 within the last thirty (30) days.
  • Reduced quarantine for a high-risk contact MAY be approved if they have recovered from COVID-19 within the last ninety (90) days

We feel confident in these changes as we continue to align with other schools in our immediate area as well as the ISAT (International Schools Association Thailand) community. These changes will mean that our ability to offer uninterrupted, on campus, learning is enhanced as we will continue to ensure students remain masked while in enclosed spaces. 


ATK testing will continue to be submitted by 6:00 PM each Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday for all community members who will be on campus. 


The key change in the safety matrix this week is moving students who are in close contact with an infected person to low risk IF they are fully masked. This highlights the importance for us as a school to continue ensuring our students are masked in the classrooms. During playtimes, lunch and snack times, students are encouraged to be mask free. 

If your child has health issues that cause you to have concerns about them being masked in the classroom, we encourage you to communicate with your teacher so that possible solutions can be considered. Please note that if your child is not wearing a mask in class and a peer tests positive, they (your child) will need to quarantine for 7 days.


Please continue to notify the school of positive cases to A member of the Pedagogical Leadership Team will be in touch to trace any reported cases to provide advice on next steps.