Day 526: Architectural Work Continues at Rapid Pace

Work continues at a rapid pace at the new campus with the majority of construction milestones on schedule if not ahead of schedule. Flooring is complete on the second and third floor of the buildings. Window frames and glass are currently being installed in classrooms and the front building. The fence perimeter is erected and what remains is the architectural finishing for the fence at the front of the campus. The bridge steel structure connecting the buildings is complete along with cement flooring and the bridge walls. The staircase railings and balustrade are near completion. Ceramic tile laying is also underway for certain rooms such as the Parent Working Group room, first floor office rooms and bathrooms. Heat insulation and sound proofing have been installed on the third floor and in the gym room. Both school playgrounds have been leveled and cleared and now await landscaping and the assembling of equipment. The cement structure for the early years swimming pool is also complete which is to be followed by tile laying.