Day 540: Fittings in Classrooms and Bathrooms In Progress

Interior work at the new campus site has started to move quickly especially in the classrooms and bathrooms. After bathroom floor tiling was completed, partition doors (orange and yellow) were installed in the different student and adult bathrooms. Sanitary ware including toilets and sinks were also fitted in the bathrooms. In the classrooms, light fixtures were installed in the remaining classrooms including the third floor with neat hanging fixtures. Door frames and glass windows have also been installed in the classrooms on the 1st and 2nd floors. The big gym room has now received its ceiling and plaster finish and awaits the multi-purpose flooring. The wall plastering is complete in the school bridge along with the sand wash floor finishing. Tile work has begun in the swimming pool while on the other side of the L-shaped playground the school’s signature tree stands tall and green! Temporary school signs have been placed on the fence perimeter as installation of the permanent school signs will follow soon.