Day 554: Swimming Pool and Gym Room Near Completion

Tiling in the swimming pool has been completed. Bricks are currently being laid to construct a wall for the pool showers. The remaining work in the swimming pool includes the sand wash floor finishing and the pool fence. The plaster work in the big gym is complete along with painting. The gym’s basketball hoops have been installed along with the light fixtures. The remaining work includes the multi-purpose flooring and installation of air-conditioners. The intricate fence for the second floor overlooking the amphitheatre has been built along with a similar version for the second floor verandah surrounding the signature tree. The steel bridge work is now complete with a neat paint finish. Curved windows have been installed in the foyer area of the main building near the front entrance of the school. The sand wash floor in all areas of the first floor is almost complete including the foyer and the large cafeteria. Workers have also begun the process of installing kitchen equipment including the commercial exhaust hood and duct. Lighting fixtures have been installed in all rooms now including the third floor office. Fire alarm signs, sirens and light/plug fixtures are currently being set up in each of the classrooms. Certainly a lot of progress at the new campus in the last two weeks!