Term 2 Celebration 2017

To celebrate the end of the 2016-2017 academic year, our Magic Years community came together from May 30 to June 1 2017 at the school gymnasium to enjoy an exciting week of Term 2 Celebrations which highlighted the wonderful learning journeys of each of our classes. The lineup for the celebrations were as follows:

Day 1
May 20,2017
• Excellence (Kindergarten)
• Grade 1-2
• Joy & Confidence (2-3 years)

Day 2
May 31, 2017
• Creativity & Service (Pre-Kindergarten)
• Peace & Unity (3-4 years old)

Day 3
June 1, 2017
• Grade 3-4
• Trust & Caring (1-2 years old)

Throughout these days, creative and enthusiastic presentations of learning and vibrant performances were shared with everyone who came. All classes participated in this momentous occasion – from our youngest learners from Trust & Caring (1-2 years) all the way up to our students in Grade 4.

Preparations for the celebration began earlier in the school term. Students and their teachers made it a point to thoroughly document their learning journey throughout the course of the term and these moments were captured and shared with the school community in their final presentations at these events. Each class shared their biggest takeaways from what they have learned in their respective Unit of Inquiries through a myriad of ways – some through song and art, others through individual and collective sharing of their unique experiences.

After each presentation of learning, students took their parents and families towards the back of the gymnasium where they had the opportunity to get a fuller glimpse into their learning undertaken throughout the school year. Here, they walked through exhibitions of learning prepared by the teachers and students of each class. This included photos, artwork, creative expression and documents that were part of each class’ exploration into their Unit of Inquiry, put up on display for all to see.

Thank you to our classes for allowing us to participate in the joy of your learning journey throughout the year. It was wonderful to be part of celebrating the successes, growth and achievements of learning that you have all worked hard to attain. We are also certain that the collective hard work and the high spirit of collaboration shown by our parents, families, students and teachers played a vital role in ensuring the success of these celebrations, making for a wonderful end to yet another school year.