Trust & Caring Assembly 2017

On May 19, 2017, our youngest class, Trust & Caring (1-2 years) held their very first assembly. Together with their parents and teachers, all gathered in a circle to get ready for a presentation of their learning. In this circle, they each checked in as they said their names to show that they were all set for the day’s assembly. They were also given a photo of themselves to hold which was used in a later segment of the assembly.
To begin, the class sang their morning routine song called, ‘Good Morning’ where each of the students’ names were mentioned. As this was done, they responded to show that they were present and ready for a day of learning by putting the photo of themselves back into their teacher’s basket.
They then sang another song, a class favorite called ‘Ram Sam Sam’. They each had shakers to shake with the rhythm, using this to each engage and interact with the song. This was then followed by two more songs called, ‘Hello, How Are You?’ and ‘Sali Bonani’ which was guided by the school’s music teacher. Each student had an instrument to use during these songs – some had drums, mini bean bags and bells. Throughout both songs, they were each able to maintain a beat using their different instruments, showing again their heightened ability to be fully engaged with the activity at hand.
We also witnessed a great spirit of collaboration between teachers and parents of the Trust & Caring class in their efforts to guide the children in the best possible way throughout their process of learning. They each played key roles in building trusting relationships with the children, a strong foundation for which can create confident, risk-taking and willing learners. Through this, it has encouraged a greater sense of calmness and confidence in the children to be more able to independently discover things about themselves and others, through the interactions they have with their classmates and their environment.
It was a wonderful assembly filled with music and song, as presented by our Trust & Caring class who exhibited traits of independence, respectfulness and cooperation throughout this time. We are confident that these traits they have developed will continue to expand in capacity in the years to come. Thank you to our school community for coming out to join in the joy of their first assembly and to all students, teachers and parents of the class who put up a wonderful presentation! We look forward to witnessing more presentations of their learning journey in the future!